Frequently Asked Questions


What syringes should I be using with Safe-Point?

Safe-Point should only be used with the metal aspirating and self-aspirating dental syringe.  These are readily available from dental and podiatry distributors.


What needles can I use with Safe-Point?

A list of compatible needle types is provided with your Safe-Point machine. Alternatively see Compatible Needle Types. Safe-Point will not remove needles with a metal hub or needles from plastic lure slip syringes.


What if I have difficulty setting up my Safe-Point?

Should you have any problems setting up your Safe-Point unit, first refer to the 'Trouble Shooting Guide'
in the Safe-Point Operating Instruction. If you are unable to resolve the problem or have further queries email us now or call (03) 9458 5118 for further guidance.


Where can I buy replacement Safe-Point sharps containers?

Replacement sharps containers are available from Plascare (Aust), you can contact us by email or call (03) 9458 5118.


Who will collect my filled Safe-Point sharps containers?

Safe-Point sharps containers are collected by your usual clinical waste collection contractor. These containers are treated the same as any other disposable sharps containers and handled with ease. If you do encounter any problems with collection of Safe-Point containers email us or call (03) 9458 5118.




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